Slaves at the Great Hall, Exeter

Slaves are a British punk band from Kent which formed in 2012 made up of Laurie and Isaac. Slaves released their new album ‘Take Control’ in September and are now touring the UK hitting Exeter along with Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield and Manchester and many others. The tour is climaxing with two gigs in London, Shepherds Bush on the 29th and 30th of November.

Slaves have earned themselves a reputation for being one of the craziest live bands, with fans to match. This was set to be one of the must see tours of the year and it is a rare occurrence to have any bands in Exeter, let alone this kind of music.

It all kicked off with the two support acts, Shame and Life who really set the stage well for the main act. We particularly liked the second of the two who were a good choice to get the crowd going and started the mosh pits. When slaves came on the crowd went mad and the whole front section of the crowd was a mosh pit.fullsizerender

There was a vibe at the gig that you don’t get very often; crowd surfing, chanting and singing along. It was great to see Laurie and Isaac so enthusiastic about the music and their energy was felt by the crowd. The turnout was good and there was a wide variety of age groups. The venue itself wasn’t the best as it was small and the acoustics weren’t brilliant, however, it was nice to see the band in a more intimate place. They also had an upstairs area so that people could get away from the mosh pits if they wanted to and you didn’t have to pre-book a seat there.

All in all we loved the gig and would highly recommend this band live to anyone, even if punk rock isn’t usually your thing. The set was professional but also fun and lively and all for a very reasonable price as well.

Check out the setlist here

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