Community Weekend at the Eden Project

Every winter the Eden Project offer a series of free entry weekends for the local people in certain groups in Devon and Cornwall, yay! Save yourself the usual entry fee of £25 per adult and it’s also free entry for your family too! So the whole family could go to the Eden Project for absolutely nothing.

Some examples of the groups eligible are NHS, blue light and council workers, Armed Forces staff, HM Prison Service, local residents, charity staff and volunteers, plus many more… To check out who is eligible on what weekend then use the link HERE, there are 6 more free weekends left so make sure to make the most of this offer!


mediterranean biome

The best part about the Eden Project is that it is good for all weathers. On Saturday when we visited the rain was falling pretty hard but once you’re inside the dome areas you don’t really need to leave – both the biomes are super warm as well!!



The tropical biome is bigger and better than the mediterranean one but they are both still nice for a walk around! There are lots of plants to look at but not much else so be prepared for that!! There are also seasonal events going on for example, ice skating, shows and lots of educational activities which make the Eden Project perfect for younger kids, school trips and that kind of thing.



image1A negative about the place is definitely the prices. Despite getting in free the cost of the food is very high and it could easily cost upwards of £50 to feed a family of four with a hot meal from the cafe. I would definitely recommend taking a packed lunch if you can and in the summer there would be loads of great places to eat which are much nicer than sitting inside anyway! Also check out the seed whilst you’re there!!




Overall this would be a very expensive day out without a concessionary rate (there is no rate for seniors) and in the winter there is not much going on so if you’re going to pay full price then hold out until the summer! There are a lot of negative reviews about this place online but mostly it seems that people don’t know what to expect before they arrive. Make sure to check out what is on offer before you decide to go and if plants aren’t really your thing then maybe this place isn’t either.

HOWEVER it does give a very good message about being green and sustainability etc etc and a lot of visitors may not appreciate this and just care about what ‘activities’ there are.

Check out the Eden Project now (whilst it’s freeee) and you probably wont need to go again for a few years at least.




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