SurfEars 2.0 Review: the ultimate surfing earplug

Surfer’s Ear is a common condition that the majority of surfers are aware of but mainly fail to do anything about. We all know we should look after our ears and it doesn’t feel that great when your entire ear is full of water.


This is where SurfEars 2.0 come in… These ear plugs keep the water out whilst still letting noise in. 

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple of pairs so we tried them out…

To start with they felt a bit odd in your ears, this could have been down to not fitting them correctly and just rushing to use them with the buds and wings that they came fitted with. However, as soon as getting in the water you just forget that you are wearing them! They did exactly what they said they were going to do and were really easy to use.


I used the leash attachment to them, however, didn’t feel like they were going to fall out at all. I would recommend taking extra care to try the different wings and buds before use and getting the correct ones fitted.

We have tried out a few varieties of earplugs but these are by far the best and I’m sure that we will be using them for a long time yet.

A lot of the reviews online mention that they are expensive to buy, however, at about £35 (depending on the exchange rate) they are completely worth it. Anything to protect your hearing now and for the rest of your life. They also come in a handy case to protect them with all the attachments you would need to get a perfect fit.

Want some? Grab a pair here!!


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