local festivals > large mainstream ones

So, we all know the names of all the famous mainstream festivals, I don’t think there is anyone in the entirety of Devon or Cornwall that hasn’t heard of Boardmasters for example. However, are  you really getting what you pay for with the extortionate price tag? We’ve also all been there when all your mates are off to spend 3 days in a muddy field but you couldn’t afford the £300+ ticket. However, just because festivals are insanely expensive this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the summer festivally experience.


PRICE ISN’T EVERYTHING: Although we harp on about how mainstream festivals are expensive blah blah blah this isnt the only benefit of going more local and low-key. In fact, there are many!

I don’t know about you but I’m so over girls walking round Glasto with flowers in their hair calling themselves ‘hippies’ and guys being ‘lads’. There’s nothing hippy about paying hundreds for a festival and knowing who’s playing and queuing up.

1) The mainstream festivals are recycled acts which play every festival for 5 years and then fall off the map. Who wants to see Craig David more than once in one summer?

Image result for grinagog festival

Grinagog Festival, Torquay, Devon


2) Rather than pretending you know every song on the BBC introducing stages why not check out some real bands that nobody has heard of yet? The smaller festivals also are much more likely to play local music and whats better than supporting local?


3) The family vibe in the camp site. There is nothing worse than you and a friend heading of to a festival and then getting camped next to a massive group of roundy teenagers… when you go more low key there is a more family vibe to the festival and I’m sure if you wanted to you could become part of the group. Everyone will make you feel welcome and you never know, you could make some friends for life.

4) At a small festival you are way more than just a number on a wristband and money in the bank. The organisers genuinely want you to have a good time and enjoy what they have to offer.

Image result for masked ball cornwall

Masked Ball, Helston, Cornwall

5) If your idea of fun is standing in a muddy field for hours on end, not being able to leave in fear of loosing your space in the croud, with absolutely no personal space and having warm urine thrown over your head then go ahead and grab yourself a ticket to the mainstream festival. However, at smaller festivals the crouds are much smaller, friendlier and swap all of that for a bit of folk dancing, dancing with strangers, dancing on your own, and lots of dancing with plenty of room to move/breathe.

6) The facilities at smaller festivals are better and often much more environmentally freindly than chemical portaloos that you have to que for an hour to use along with a thousand others.

Image result for chagstock festivAL

Chagstock Festival, Dartmoor, Devon



Why not check some of these great festivals out and move away from the massive commercialised profit-focused festivals this summer?





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