8 life-saving hacks for music festivals this summer

1.Attach a helium balloon to your tent.

This sounds super stupid now but it will be a life-saver when you’re trying to find your tent in amongst 100,000,000 others in the middle of the night. Attach some helium balloons to the outside of your tent and they should still be flying high at the end of the festival.

2. Not allowed to take alcohol in?

Get creative with food colouring! Why not disguise your vodka as mouthwash for example? Or hide it in a bread roll? There are so many creative ideas on the internet but please remember not to take glass and always use plastic bottles.

3. Pack a portable phone charger

If you’re camping out for the weekend the chances are that your phone isn’t going to last, especially when videoing and taking snaps. You can put your phone on aeroplane mode to save lots of battery but when it eventually dies a portable charger is a must! Don’t get ripped off my the phone charging stations onsite and grab one before you go.

4. Take a roll of bin bags

Bin bags are multi purpose at festivals and can be super handy. Whether its actually picking up your rubbish, trying to carry all you muddy, wet clothes back to your car, sitting on them OR you’re in desperate need of a poncho, a black bag is the perfect solution.

5. Carry antibacterial hand gel and tissues with you at ALL TIMES

Port-a-loos are so so grim, especially on the third/forth day, they are guarenteed to not have any toilet paper after the first hour and there are hardly ever any handwashing facilities so these items are an essential.

6. Freeze your drinks

There is nothing worse than a 6000mile trek to your camping spot and then going to grab a refreshing drink and it being lukewarm. Freeze your drinks before you leave and then put them in a coolbox, they should stay cool for a while, then just gradually take them out to melt as you drink.

7. Earplugs

Festival noise really does spread for miles so a pair of earplugs is always really handy. Noise is likely to carry on all through the night so if you want to get any sleep at all take some earplugs.Image result for summer beach shoe outfit


8. Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops

This is the most important but also most forgotten rule of any musical festival. Not only will your feet hate you by the end of day 1, but you’re putting your little piggies out in the open to get stepped on. Ouch!




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