The first ever Grinagog Festival, Torquay

Grinagog Festival took place in Torquay, Devon, over the weekend and featured a range of musical styles across multiple stages around Torquay and continued until 4am on the Friday and Saturday nights. Organisers are hailing the event a huge success and say that more than 4000 people attended the event on the Saturday.

The weather was looking good and the stages were all set up, it was looking like it was going to be a top weekend for Torquay. However, the weekend was not without its hiccups.


During the Rat Boy set at the Forum Stage in the RICC (or ERC) there were not one but 2 complete power cuts, resulting eventually in Rat Boy walking off the stage before the end of their set. This was not the only issue that evening, previous to Rat Boy’s performance the act before was running half an hour late meaning that the drum kit was assembled in the crowd!!!

Following Rat Boy’s performance we were headed for the other stages in the RICC to find all the lights on. We were being told that all under 18 year olds were being asked to leave so every single persons wristband was being checked, despite some U18’s having the same wristband as us?! Confused.

The wristband checking went on for 15minutes or so before being told that the fire alarm was going off (not that we could hear anything) and everyone was evacuated from the building. With everyone stood outside the venue, with absolutely no information on what was happening this was the end of many people’s night, including our own.

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HOWEVER! Despite the issues Grinagog was a great idea and the atmosphere around Torquay was great. The venues were all super niche and worked really well. We loved the theme and also it was great to be able to showcase what Torquay has to offer.

We were also a bit dissapointed with the small turnout and frankly a bit baffled on how this could be the case?! A great festival, good weather, ideal location and music, what more could you want?!! We urge everyone to support this great festival and make it bigger and better next year.

Next year we hope that Grinagog will go from strength to strength and get it’s teething issues sorted. We encourage everybody in Torbay to give this festival a go because the spirit would be a whole lot better with way more people attending! It is a local festival after all and I’m sure that everybody can see the benefits a good festival can have on the local economy.

We hope to see you next year Grinagog…


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