9 things not to miss at The Masked Ball this summer!

The Masked Ball is a crazy, out there, innovative festival which is so much more than some music on boring stages. There are a variety of stages, all with different themes, including the addition of ‘the Underworld’ this year. This festival is all about the location, the people and most of all the experience. There are no big headliners but that’s what makes this festival so special and unique.

Masked Ball director and pilot Kelvin Batt expands: “We’ve tried to buck the trend by reducing the capacity and ticket price of this year’s Masked Ball. Where other festivals have steadily expanded and ticket prices increased – we’ve taken the Masked Ball back to its roots.”

So on to the top things not to miss:

1. The Underworld. A whole new stage for 2017 with a mixture of reggae, disco, hip hop and boogie woogie from all different eras – like a musical time machine!

MB underworld.jpg

2. The Hurly Burly Bar. A new addition to the Masked Ball. The restaurant-come-performance space is a much-lauded venue at Glastonbury and mixes fine food, chilled ambience with risqué performances and also some great band

3. Get in a hot tub. A lot of people missed this last year but a hot tub under the moonlight after (or before) the dance floor antics is a fantastic experience. Booking in advance is advised.

MB hot tub

4. The Gramophone. Another new stage by the Masked Ball crew; a huge gramophone winding out house and techno ‘till the early hour 

5. The Last Tune. On Sunday, Dicky Trisco with Pete Herbert will be closing the deck, always a special moment.

6. Catching a Sunset. Get your team together and find a position for the amazing sunsets this venue is blessed with, in what must be one of the best position campsites in festival land.

MB sunset.jpg

7. Psychemagik moment. The Psychemagik remix of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere has become The Masked Ball anthem – be there when they Psychemagik stick it on, playing with the ear wax boys at the Sunday session – the place will go nuts.

8. Check out the Enjoy Chill out Emporium. These guys have a great retro memorabilia hangout in Truro and have jumped on board to make a proper chill out area and lovely cocktail lounge on the top terrace.

9.  If you’re in the campsite, love thy neighbour, for they are the secret to the Ball’s longevity and success. The horde of hedonists who party with abandon are perhaps the Ball’s greatest asset. Making amazing new friends is one of the very best things about the Ball


The Summer Masked Ball takes place from Friday, May 26, to Sunday, May 28, at Beacon Crag, Porthleven, TR13 9LA.

Tickets for the full weekend, including the Friday feast, are now on sale at £69. Original Masked Ball Saturday to Monday festival tickets including camping are £55. 

Check it out here

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