5,000 danced until 6am at the Masked Ball Halloween Extravaganza

The Halloween Masked ball is a one-night festival located in Helston, Cornwall and is known nationally for its Halloween night festivities; with music genres spanning across drum and bass, disco, techno, reggae and dub, it has something for everyone at the all-night event. Being located in ‘Los Flambardos’ sets the scene for a perfectly executed night of fun. There’s an endless selection of rides to try out and the unused rides set the tone of a creepy abandoned theme park, perfect for a spooky Halloween. Dotted around the festival area are a wide range of mouth-watering food stalls that cater to everyone, with burgers and hot dogs to veggie and vegan options, all at your disposal.


At stages such as ‘Durty Disco’ or ‘Tranquility’ there was never a dull moment, and the constant stream of music led you from stage to stage until the early hours of the morning. The stages each had their own appeal, bringing a variation of music styles and aesthetics to create a different buzz. The slightly smaller ‘Exploratorium’ stage was perfect for those who like to boogie on down closer together, providing a slightly more intimate experience than the larger stages. Exploritorium brought you up close and personal with the DJ’s and allowed you to marvel at all the fantastic costumes that surrounded you under the bright lights and, as it was inside, it also provided your costume much needed protection from the drizzle. The drop in temperature put a slight damper on the night, often causing costumes to be hidden under large coats and hats.


Although sometimes the festival could seem crowded when queuing for the larger stages such as ‘Disco Diner’ or ‘Hospitality’, the queues were never very long and definitely worth the wait. However, whenever you fancied a bit of a wander, you’d be sure to find many a spooky attraction; from secret tunnels between the stages, complete with a bridge which swayed as you walked over them to large mirrors which warped and distorted your face, leaving you staring at your reflection for several minutes, wondering ‘do I really look like that’?


The costumes at Masked Ball are in a league of their own and no matter what you wear, you will never feel like you went far enough! So don your wackiest wigs and waviest garms, cover your face with paint and fake blood and prepare yourself for next years ‘Los Flambardos, The Masked Ball’ for a night full of music, rides, lights and laughs – but make sure you pack a warm jacket, it might get chilly.

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