Glastonbury Festival Sells Out in 34 minutes – how to get tickets if you missed out

Standard tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2020 sold out in 34 minutes. This means that all tickets are now sold out for next years event. However, there are 2 ways of getting your hands on one of the golden tickets.

1. April Resale

The festival will be taking the full payments for any tickets secured with a deposit during the first week in April. Following this, any tickets that are not fully paid for will be re-sold!

The resale for the coach and ticket packages will go on sale on Thursday 16th April 2020 at 6pm

The resale for the ticket only will take place on Sunday 19th April at 9am.

2. Ticket Ballot

As this year is the 50th Anniversary of the festival, there have been 50 pairs of tickets held back for a special ballot. The details of the ballot have not yet been released but details are due to be announced in the next few days. Keep an eye out on their website here

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